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How to Avoid a Sh*t Show!

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Unlock the Tools for Success:

Discover practical aides and tools that will guide you through the intricate details of the real estate transaction process. From offer to close, equip yourself with the knowledge needed to avoid pitfalls and ensure a seamless experience.

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Our primary objective is to empower realtors to navigate the complexities of a purchase transaction with confidence. With our tips and tricks, you'll not only close more deals but also earn the referrals you deserve.

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Mastering the Transaction: How to Avoid a Sh*t Show

Duration: 30 minutes

Format: Virtual webinar on Zoom

When: Weekdays

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Cease Chasing Prospects, Begin Drawing Clients Naturally

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Unlock the tools for Success: Practical aides and tools that guide realtors and buyers through the transaction process

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Master the Transaction


Learn the skills you need to avoid the sh*t show!

Pre-Qual vs Pre-Approval, what's the difference?

Understand the critical difference between those pre-approvals and pre-qualifications and what to look at for those FHA/VA loans.

Ensure you ask the lender the right questions

Know exactly what the lender needs in regards to the offer and what concerns they may have. Is the condo approved?

Do's and Dont's when purchasing a house

Help your clients understand the critical things they should be aware of while escrow is open. Don't buy that furniture and new car quite yet!

Insights into the loan process

What exactly is the lender doing over the course of escrow?

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Need a pre-approval?

In today's real estate market, a strong pre-approval is the key to unlocking doors for your clients. Our coaching program goes beyond the basics, providing you with the tools to secure pre-approvals with confidence.


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